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first opium war wikipedia - the first opium war chinese also known as the opium war or the anglo chinese war was a series of military engagements fought between the united kingdom and the qing dynasty of china over diplomatic relations trade and the administration of justice in china in the 17th and 18th centuries the demand for chinese goods particularly silk porcelain and tea in, opium a history martin booth 9780312206673 amazon com - opium a history martin booth on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers known to mankind since prehistoric times opium is arguably the oldest and most widely used narcotic opium a history traces the drug s astounding impact on world culture from its religious use by prehistoric peoples to its influence on the imaginations of the romantic writers from the earliest medical, how china got rid of opium - this is a historical article from an early issue of china now magazine 1977 the opium wars between britain and china were a key incident in the fall of the ancient imperial order in china, opium the diary of his cure jean cocteau amazon com - opium the diary of his cure jean cocteau on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers from one of france s greatest literary artists comes this thrilling nonfiction account of drug addiction and the cure perhaps jean cocteau s most celebrated piece of nonfiction, man accidentally reveals 500m opium crop to north - the 2 000 plants which can be used to make heroin and opium are believed to be worth a whopping 500 million it s unbelievable reid tells wbtv noting only one other poppy field has been, the history of melbourne s opium dens and their - in the cultural landscape an opium den is perennial shorthand for exoticism and a kind of shabby glamour as explored by baudelaire oscar wilde or doyle s stories of sherlock holmes, dope inc britain s opium war against the u s whale - part i history of britain s first opium wars introduction this is the setting for what follows below narcotics are pouring in from abroad through a well organized efficient group of smugglers