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history of the republic of china wikipedia - the history of the republic of china begins after the qing dynasty in 1912 when the formation of the republic of china as a constitutional republic put an end to 4 000 years of imperial rule, warlord chinese history britannica com - warlord warlord independent military commander in china in the early and mid 20th century warlords ruled various parts of the country following the death of yuan shikai 1859 1916 who had served as the first president of the republic of china from 1912 to 1916, a timeline of japan piero scaruffi - please help adjust the names so that the family name is written after the first name 100 bc rice and iron are imported into japan by the migration of the yayoi related to the mongols who also brought a new language and a new religion, timeline story of china pbs - self strengthening movement the self strengthening movement was a campaign to revitalise china in the late 1800s through learning from the west, japan before world war ii the rise of japanese militarism - japan before world war ii views of japan in the west david powers of the bbc wrote when japan began its military adventures in china in 1931 it was a society in turmoil, dope inc britain s opium war against the u s whale - dope inc britain s opium war against the u s by konstandinos kalimtgis also by david goldman and jeffrey steinberg 1978 dedication acknowledgments, 20th century international relations britannica com - 20th century international relations 20th century international relations history of the relations between states especially the great powers from approximately 1900 to 2000